No Insurance? No Problem!

If you and your spouse are uninsured (or your current insurance doesn't cover dental) don't feel like you have to postpone or skip regular dental care. Alpha Dental Plan is a low-cost dental plan for the uninsured. We make it easy to pay, with an option to make three convenient payments.

Alpha Dental Provides:

  • Initial comprehensive exam and a second exam six months later
  • All necessary yearly diagnostic x-rays, with the most advanced, digitally safe techniques
  • Two cleanings based upon your comprehensive exam:
  • Preventative – includes two prophylaxis cleanings per year using ultrasonic and mechanical polish techniques
  • Periodontal Disease – initial ultrasonic debridement with options to follow treatment guidelines at Alpha fees
  • Emergency – one visit for palliative of relief of dental pain per year
  • Save 15% or more off prevailing fees
  • Personalized prompt service
  • High-quality service
  • Affordable

Cost Per Person
$299/Year Single Adult Individual
$269/Year Additional Spouse

  • Take advantage of just the yearly diagnostic, emergency, and preventative/periodontal services, and experience a savings of $176!
  • If you need dental work, Delta dental will save you more than $125 on a single major service.
  • Don't put off your dental problems. Take advantage of this unique invitation to Alta dental!

Terms and conditions:
1. All fees and premiums must be paid in full at the time of service.
2. Alpha Dental cannot be combined, in any way, with other dental insurance coverage.
3. Alpha Dental may be reimbursed by flex/cafeteria plans. Consult your human resource person.
4. No refunds or exchanges for perceived unused premiums.
5. Appointment failures or cancellations (less than 24-hour notice) are subject to charge a $45.00 fee per occurrence.
6. Alpha Dental Association is not transferable.
7. Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease must follow treatment guidelines of the American Dental Association.
8. The office associated with Alpha Dental does not use silver/mercury fillings.
9. Prevailing fees as determined by the American Dental Association.